Stone masonry by Doc Miller

30 years stone mason experience in New Jersey

Outdoor stone fireplace by Doc Miller
    Fine stone work by Doc Miller    
Outdoor stone fireplace

stone house
We at Doc Miller have been stone masons for 30 years. View our gallery of one of a kind stonewalls, walks, stairways, fireplaces and restored existing structures in New Jersey.

Much of our stonemason restoration work is historical. We restored the walls and archways of the Obedia Latterete Mill built in the early 1700s in Long Valley NJ We rebuilt the Lonkatong Spillway on the D+R Canal along the Delaware River in Stockton NJ built in 1860 using much of the original stone. We consulted on the restoration of the stonewalls along the canal.

We've repointed and repaired smokehouses, springhouses, farm houses, barns and barnyard walls. Our inspiration comes from the stone masons of the past. When adding new additions to older properties, patios, walls or buildings the final result should be a seamless transition from the old to the new.

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  Stone pathway and stone wall

stone pathway